Yoga Nidra Meditation In Hindi – Learning The Yoga Technique

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In a person’s life, yoga plays a big and important role. As yoga is the combination of physical postures or asanas with conscious breathing, it helps to elevate the mood of the people and even helps to have a healthy life. Meditation is the thing that helps one person to keep the mind sharp and clear, relieves one’s stress but also improves the overall sense of well-being. In yoga, the most common and great practice in the workplace is mindfulness meditation. In the yoga practice, the most and the great recommended yoga is the Yoga Nidra Meditation In Hindi.

Yoga Nidra Meditation In Hindi

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Yoga meditation is the state of the half-conscious mind where one person stays between being awake or also asleep. Several pieces of research have found that yoga Nidra always helps a person to eliminate body sores, aches, tiredness, and also stress. One just needs to follow some simple steps to perform Nidra yoga as it needs only seven-step overall. 

The Procedure

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The first one is to lie down and be straight to one’s back in the yoga mat in the savasana position where one needs to close its eyes and then begin taking a deep and slow breath to relax. Then continuing the slow breath one needs to focus on the left foot and need to keep the foot relaxed as much as possible. Then the next step is to slowly move upwards to one’s left knees, left thigh, and waist. Continued that thing again with the right leg while keeping the right eyes closed in the same way as before. Then one needs to move one’s attention upwards and focus on one’s palms, fingers, wrist, forearm, biceps, and shoulder, then one needs to think about the throat, nape, back, and forehead. 


With the realization of oneself of one’s entire body presence, one needs to try to stop one’s mind from wandering around. With taking deep, slow breaths and relaxing one’s mind the body for ten to fifteen minutes. The last step is after a few minutes like the five to seven minutes one needs to turn to the right and keep gradual with slow breathing, then one needs to repeat those steps for a few minutes and then slowly sit and one can open its eyes.


Yoga Nidra Meditation In Hindi has some amazing benefits, such as it totally helps a person to break free from worldly thoughts, not only that it also helps one to get a good sleep at night, releases build up the tension and the stress from the body and the mind, and many more in the list of some amazing benefits of the Yoga Nidra Meditation In Hindi. It also helps one to get an amazing fresh start. As a person has so many types of stress or anxiety or any kind of tiredness but having the habits of yoga helps a lot for all of the problematic things in a person’s body. It is like giving the human body a break. That’s why this yoga is highly recommended to one to try. 

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