Some Meditation Music In YouTube To Check Out - Some Meditation Music In YouTube To Check Out -

Some Meditation Music In YouTube To Check Out

Meditation Music in Youtube

Whatever content you may be looking for, youtube is the biggest platform to get your desires granted. What if you’re looking for music to calm your mind, alleviate your stress, help you relax, meditate or even lure you to sleep, then youtube got you covered. We discuss some meditation music in YouTube to check out.

‘Weightlessness’ By Marconi Union

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This song is dubbed the world’s most relaxing song for a reason. The music band, Marconi Union collaborates with experienced sound therapists to create a song that’ll help calm your mind, and alleviate daily stress. Since the song has no repeating melody, like chorus or pre chorus, your brain is able to stay relaxed as you’re not trying to predict the next part, or sing along to the chorus. Weightlessness is the ideal music to help with your meditation, or even help you sleep. A study shows ‘weightlessness’ to reduce anxiety levels by 65%.

‘Sleep Deeply’ By Dan Gibson

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Scientifically produced to help with your sleep, Dan Gibson has created the perfect song to help you relax, destress, meditate and sleep. The music features pianos, guitars and other instruments to create a dreamt music. The song is gently complemented by sounds of nature to give you the perfect song to help meditate.

‘The Winding Path’ By Kevin Kern

Famous American pianist, Kevin Kern, jumps on the piano to create this calming masterpiece. ‘The winding path’ is included in the self-titled album by the pianist. If you’re looking for a calming song with no vocals, then you should listen to this song. It is an instrumental with relaxing piano music playing all through. The song is pretty soothing when listening, it is therefore suitable for meditating and to help you relax and sleep.

‘Music For Meditation And Relaxation’ By Sony Music

As a widely known brand, you know when Sony Music releases music, it is going to be unique. This song features long chords and rhythms to help you relax and regulate your breathing. ‘Music for meditation and relaxation’ is the ideal music to help you through meditation sessions. You can also start and end your day with this calming music to accentuate your confidence, energy and performance. This music is the go-to music for hypnosis, meditation, and massage. Holistic health instructors place emphasis on using this music during sessions.

‘Someone Like You’ By Adele

‘Someone like you’ is by Adele, a world-renowned artist known for sombre, emotional, heart-breaking, and mostly calming hit songs. With the slow tempo, the song helps your mind relax. Your psychology stays intrigued with the calming and abrupt changes in melody through the song. If you’re looking for music to help you meditate, relax and take your mind off worries, then you should definitely listen to ‘Someone like you’. Another calming song by Adele to check out is ‘Hello’.


Numerous songs exist on YouTube to help you meditate, relax, destress, calm your mind, and sleep. We’ve picked some meditation music in YouTube to check out.

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