The Many Forms Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners -

The Many Forms Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

The Many Forms of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

Buddhism is among the most famous religion in the world. It has a large group of followers all over the globe. People are attracted to its principles and ideas as it spreads the message of peace. Buddhism and meditation have had a very long history. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, got enlightenment because of his practice of meditation. So, it isn’t unlikely for meditation to be the essential element of Buddhism. Over the years, many forms of meditation have emerged from the principles of Buddhism. Those who are new to this field might want to know more about the forms of Buddhist meditation for beginners.

Meditation is the practice of controlling one’s mind and thoughts. In recent times, more and more people are showing interest in it. People want to find peace and reduce their stress in their busy lifestyles. They want to live a healthy and satisfactory life. Both of which meditation offers. But there are a lot of techniques for meditation to choose from. Each is with its own traits and qualities. As mentioned earlier, Buddhist meditation is one of the methods of meditation and a rather popular one. And there are several ways you can practice Buddhist meditation. Here is the list of some of the ways you can practice Buddhist meditation.

Methods Of Practicing Buddhist Meditation For Beginners


Mindfulness Meditation
The Many Forms Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

If you want to try out Buddhist meditation, then this method is among the popular ones. It is also referred to as mindfulness. Mindfulness is a natural ability that lies inside all of us. This method helps in gaining mental clarity and increases the concentration span. It can also reduce stress. If you practice Shamatha with proper guidance and discipline, then it is possible for you to find inner peace.

Metta Or Loving- Kindness

Loving-Kindness Meditation
The Many Forms Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

Another popular way to practice Buddhist meditation is through Metta meditation. There is a reason why it is called Loving- Kindness. It is because the person practicing this method focuses on developing a loving and caring attitude towards everyone, even his worst enemies. This method usually asks you to repeat a slogan or a mantra. You begin by directing well-wishes to our family, friends then also to your rivals and those people whom you don’t like. This method is useful for anger management and to develop a positive attitude.

Guided Buddhist Technique

Buddhist Guided Meditation
The Many Forms Of Buddhist Meditation For Beginners

To practice this method, you usually require a teacher or a guide to lead you. This technique is based on visualization. You need to imagine a peaceful place or scene. If you are having trouble following the first two methods that we mentioned above, then this technique might be suitable for you. It aids to make you more peaceful, while also improving your memory and focus. It also reduces stress and anxiety and helps to recover from depression.

These are some of the effective techniques of Buddhist meditation for beginners. Practicing them will make your life more enjoyable and peaceful. Who does not want a life without worries or stress? If you’ve ever wondered how these Buddhist monks are so at peace, then try out these meditation forms yourself.

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