Integrative Healing Can Help Us Heal Ourselves

integrative healing

People are now using integrative healing methods to treat their ailments rather than traditional forms of medicine. Integrative healing includes a wide variety of techniques like aromatherapy, meditation, acupuncture, and massage that can help treat things like pain, anxiety, depression, and much more.

An integrative healing session can include a variety of techniques, depending on what the client wants. There are also integrative healers that focus on one specific type of integrative healing or another. For this article, integrative healing will be defined as any form of treatment that uses natural methods to help cure ailments, like aromatherapy and meditation.

Integrative Healing Methods

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Integrative healers use integrative healing methods to help treat the client and do so in a variety of ways. There are integrative healers that specialize in aromatherapy, meditation, or acupuncture. The best integrative healer for you is the one that fits with your personal needs and your integrative health goals.

For integrative healing, one of the most effective integrative healers is often a massage therapist. Massages are integrative because of the integrative healing benefits that come from them, including relief from stress and pain.


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For integrative healing through aromatherapy, some good integrative healers include naturopathic physicians or holistic healers. Aromatherapy is integrative in itself in that it uses natural aromas to influence moods and alleviate pain.

For integrative healing through meditation, integrative healers can range from yoga instructors to Buddhist monks. Meditation could also be considered integrative because of the integrative benefits it brings, including stress management and improved mental clarity.

For integrative healing through acupuncture, integrative healers can be acupuncturists or natural healers. Acupuncture is integrative in that it helps to cure many different ailments, like migraines and pain, with just a few simple needles.

An integrative healer uses integrative methods to help the client in whatever way they need to be helped. There are integrative healers that specialise in aromatherapy, meditation, or acupuncture and can help you treat your ailments like pain and anxiety.


To conclude, integrative healing is a great alternative to traditional forms of medicine for those suffering from different types of illnesses. Integrative healing includes several methods to treat the client such as integrative healers that focus on aromatherapy, meditation, or acupuncture. Integrative healers can be found in the form of massage therapists, naturopathic physicians, integrative healers practicing integrative healing methods like yoga or Buddhist monks, and integrative healers who practice integrative healing through acupuncture.

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