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Everything You Need To Know About Zen Meditation

Everything You Need to Know about Zen Meditation

If you are hearing the word ‘Zen’ for the first time, then you are not alone. Some of us don’t even know it exists. But it is an ancient Buddhist practice that has been in practice for many centuries now. Do you know that it also has its schools? Yes! There are many schools spread around the world along with its teachers, that teach the principles of zen practice.

Now that we have built up enough interest, let us learn some more on this mysterious practice. We will give you more information on the concept and principles of Zen meditation.

What Is Zen?

Zen Meditation
Zen Meditation

Zen is actually a school of Mahayana Buddhism, which is one of the two main branches of Buddhism. There are three main principles that it follows.

  1. To have control over oneself.
  2. Practice spiritual meditation every day.
  3. To dwell more in-depth into the mysteries and wonders of nature.

It does not believe in practicing meditation under a specific set of rules. It believes in exploring the inner-soul of a person by themselves through experience. That is why practicing this form of meditation requires the guidance of an experienced teacher.


The actual origin of Zen is believed to have surfaced in the 5th century. It started as a Buddhist practice in ancient China and later evolved into a form of meditation. With the rise of Buddhism, it flourished in China. TheIts modern principles and practices are the result of a long, rich history with many contributing factors.

Influence Of Zen In Global Scenario

Zen has since spread all over the world from China. It has been influencing many countries with its ideals and practices. This practice first reached Vietnam in the early 100 BCE under the name of Thien. It made its way into Korea from 1100 to 1200 CE, and it got the name of Sang. Later Japan too adopted its principles, which got the name of Japanese Zen in the 11th century. It is hard to point out when this practice reached the West. But the visit of Soyen Shaku – a Japanese Zen monk, to Chicago during the World Parliament of Religions served as the starting point. Japanese Zen is famous in the West in comparison to its other forms.

Zen Meditation Schools
Zen Meditation Schools

Zen meditation focuses on observing and letting go of thoughts and worries. It also asks us to develop a sight to dig deeper into ourselves and find our purpose in life. Unlike other forms of meditation, it tackles hidden secrets to the questions of life. Rather than using only logic and reasoning, it believes in intuition and practice. It focuses on the core problems of life instead of offering temporary solutions. Zen is a practice that relies on the relation of a student and a teacher. It encourages awareness and appreciation of little gifts while teaching us to live in the present. It is based on the idea that the real source of happiness lies within ourselves.

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