Chakra Meditation- Why Should Someone Practice It? - Chakra Meditation- Why Should Someone Practice It? -

Chakra Meditation- Why Should Someone Practice It?

The world is becoming more scientific and logical day by day. However, there are still some facts that are not scientifically established but widely abide by the world. Chakra is one of them. The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that represents the power discs inside our body. Our body consists of hundreds of Chakras that serve different aspects of responsibilities in human nature and life. They always need to be synchronized to keep us happy and contented. If not so, then we face numerous physical and mental health hazards along with problems in our daily life. Chakra meditation is a way that can help us to re-establish the lost connection between the Chakras and retrieve prosperity again in our mind and body.  Lets’ discuss it more to get benefited with it.

Know Your Chakras Before The Chakra Meditation

As I’ve said that there are hundreds of Chakras in our body, it will be impossible for us to bring harmony between all of them to gain consciousness and happiness. But don’t worry. We don’t have to do so. We have to work upon seven core chakras that deal with the most vital aspects of our life. Now we will know what they are.

Chakra Meditation- Why Should Someone Practice It?
Chakra Meditation- Why Should Someone Practice It?

The Core Chakras Related To Chakra Meditation

The Root Chakra, located in our tail bone area, is the representation of stability, security, and survival, and its color is red. In clear language, the chakra is responsible for our food, clothing, and endurance. The second core Chakra is the Sacral Chakra, located below our navel. It is orange in color and represents our creativity, abundance, and reproduction. The next one is the Solar Plexus Chakra that stays above our navel and is responsible for our self-confidence, wisdom, and willpower. Its color is golden yellow. The fourth is the Heart Chakra, which is the connector between the other six Chakras below and above it. This bright green Chakra governs the vital aspects of life, like love and compassion. The location of this Chakra is in the middle of our cardiovascular system.

The blue-colored Throat Chakra resides in the middle of our throat. It represents the ability to communicate and express. The next chakra is the Third Eye Chakra. It is between our eyes and forehead, its color is bright indigo, and it is responsible for our insights and intuitions. The seventh and pure white-colored Chakra is the Crown Chakra, and it is responsible for the connectivity with the universe. Besides these, all seven core Chakras are responsible for our physical well being too.

Chakra Meditation- Why Should Someone Practice It?
Chakra Meditation- Why Should Someone Practice It?

How Can Meditation Help

As you can see that these Chakras are the powerhouse inside our bodies, a minor disconnection between them can create disturbance in our complete wellbeing. This disconnection between the Chakras can happen due to the blockage or over activeness of the Chakras. By meditation, we mean staying connected with our inner selves to find out the threats that irritate the work process of these Chakras. Then we have to let those threats and worries go away, and we will attain balance, energy, prosperity, and peace back in every aspect of our life.

Practice the meditation by sitting relaxed on the ground in a quiet place. Then try to visualize the core Chakras virtually with closed eyes. Now, think of your worries and troubles related to the chakras one by one and let them go. The day when you will find all the core Chakras inter-connecting to each other, you will feel balanced, energized, and contented irrespective of your circumstances.

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Bottom Line

Please practice the meditation with patience to see the visible effects of connectivity and balance

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