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6 Mindfulness Meditation Benefits You Should Be Aware Of

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Have you ever tried to give your swirling thoughts a rest? If yes, you probably know what mindfulness means. Mindfulness which aims at concentrating on ‘the now’ helps you accept your thoughts and feelings without judging them. The mental training practice of mindfulness is mindfulness meditation which allows an individual to live in the present and let go of all the negative feelings while calming the mind. Given here are a few more mindfulness meditation benefits practitioners need to be aware of.

Mindfulness Meditation Lowers The Stress Levels

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The regular practice of mindfulness meditation reduces stress levels by allowing the brain to welcome thoughts and feelings without any judgments. Focusing on the present moments also prevents unnecessary thinking of the past or future that leads to stress. No matter whether you practice mindfulness while bathing, brushing your teeth, or doing laundry, it will certainly combat your stress levels.

Mindfulness Speeds Up Recovery

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Mindfulness meditation will help decrease your stress if you are suffering from illness or any life-threatening disease. Regular practice is also likely to increase self-compassion and self-kindness. This eventually helps relieve patients from fatigue and allows them to recover fast. While mindfulness cannot eliminate the symptoms of the disease completely, it makes the disease more manageable.

Mindfulness Meditation Improves Concentration

Mindfulness meditation allows you to observe your inner thoughts and bodily sensations without judgment. The process of observing improves your concentration power i.e. the power to sustain attention. That means the regular practice of meditation will allow you to concentrate better on the tasks you perform in your day-to-day life. The brain of the practitioner becomes more efficient and requires only a few brain resources to perform those tasks. It is said that the executive functioning of the brain improves to a great extent by practicing mindfulness regularly.

Mindfulness Reduces Anxiety

Researchers have shown that regular sessions of mindfulness can eliminate anxiety from the individual’s mind. The sessions teach us to be in the present instead of acting instinctively toward the emotions or thoughts that may come in the way. This not only allows an individual to become more adaptive in hard situations but also handle his anxiety well. Well, some types of mindfulness meditation that can help you reduce your anxiety include yoga, Zen meditation, and Tai Chi.

Mindfulness Meditation Reduces Cell Aging

Mindfulness meditation benefits are not only restricted to brain activity. In fact, mindfulness also benefits the skin by slowing down the process of cell aging. According to genetic research, telomeres that are found at the end of chromosomes result in aging. Protecting these telomeres through increased telomerase activity slows down the process of aging. And this is where mindfulness meditation comes to play. The mental training practice protects telomere length, decreases the stress hormones, and eventually slows down the aging process of the body.

Mindfulness Decreases Loneliness

There are many people especially older adults who feel lonely at times. Loss of spouse, illness, neurological disorders, etc. can worsen the situation and lead to adverse mental effects. Practicing mindfulness every day helps in eliminating loneliness or distress/gene expression related to it. The practice also helps in combating all the negative feelings like stress, depression, fear, etc. which eventually improves overall mental well-being. Not to mention, mindfulness meditation reduces social threat and encourage individuals to interact with others socially which subsequently helps them overcome their loneliness to a greater extent.

Redeem these mindfulness meditation benefits by practicing mindfulness every day! No matter whether you perform Zen meditation or practice mindfulness while taking the shower, you are sure to be benefited in one way or the other.

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